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Literature, Life and Lockdown: How the Humanities can help the Species Survive - Webinar

Monday 1st June

15:00 - 16:00 Paris time (UTC+2)

Online event

Please register by clicking here 

In continuation with our Webinar Series, Kent's European Centres are holding some online discussions centered around the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Scholars from the University of Kent’s internationally renowned Brussels School of International Studies will discuss politics post-pandemic, a lack of leadership, the ideology behind public responses and the potential for political realignments.

The discussion will be hosted by Professor Jeremy Carrette, Dean for Europe and Professor of Philosophy, Religion and Culture.

Panellists: Professor Ben Hutchinson, Professor of European Literature and Academic Director of Kent’s Paris School of Arts and Culture. Dr Frances Guerin, Senior Lecturer and Deputy Director of Graduate Studies of Paris programmes at Kent’s School of Arts. Dr Lauren Ware, Lecturer in Philosophy at Kent’s School of European Culture and Languages.


Tuesday 2nd June


(Paris time)

Online event

We warmly invite you to attend our digital academic conference with panels on the themes of unity and rebellion from postgraduate students. Our aim is to nurture a sense of international solidarity and to open discussions about where we can go from here.

This year, writer and academic Julian Hanna and digital artisan/feminist hacker Larisa Blazic will be joining us as keynote speakers.

The event is free and open to the public. Feel free to drop in and out throughout the day, to our panels and to our more informal coffee breaks. This event is free and does not require registration.  See the conference programme for the full line-up and Zoom link.


Weds 3rd June

6pm Paris time

Online event

Come and discover what the students have been working on all year! The Menteur is a literary and arts magazine, founded in 2012, edited and produced annually by postgraduate students at the University of Kent's Paris School of Arts and Culture. The remote launch this year on Zoom will reveal the magazine for the first time and include performances of some of the pieces in this year's edition.    

If you would like to attend the launch and celebrate with us, please email

Channelling Corita: A Collage Workshop with Lorna Mulligan

Thursday 4th June

5pm (Paris time)

Online event

Lorna Mulligan:

Instagram: @lorna.mul

In difficult times like this, art is a way that we can connect with others and express ourselves in a positive, mindful way. Our aim is to create a moment of calm and inspiration while flexing our artistic muscles, no matter your talent. 

As part of our Unite/Rebel festival, you are invited to join us for a workshop with Canadian artist, Lorna Mulligan, whose watercolours and mixed media artwork have been exhibited across Canada, in the United States and in Europe. Lorna will discuss her work and then guide you through creating your own collage, giving you the opportunity to share your experience with others. 


This will be a 90-minute session that will take place on Thursday 4th June, at 4pm GMT or 5pm CEST. In order to sign up, please email Places are limited, so sign up fast! Closer to the date, you will receive further details of how to participate, as well as an inspiration pack to help you get into the creative mindset.


Thursday 4th June

7pm - 10pm // Paris time 

Event live on YouTube

Coming from all over the world, our contributing filmmakers explore the themes of rebellion and unification, community and resistance, crisis and activism. Join us for an evening of short films which aim to challenge our perception of everyday, social norms and modes of artistic expression. The films will be streamed on YouTube with a chat function made available for discussion.

YouTube Link - goes live at 7pm:


Friday 5th June 

4pm Paris time //

Zoom event

Please join Unite | Rebel with Amy Quichiz, founder of Veggie Mijas, a collective that highlights the importance of having a plant-based lifestyle while also intersecting race, gender identity, class, and sexuality; being brown, Latinx, non-binary, women, queer, genderqueer, coming from a working class background, and having other marginalized identities, as she presents her work on decolonizing your diet. In the efforts of deconstructing the 'white veganism' narrative, Veggie Mijas creates a safe space for women and non-binary people of color to reconnect to their ancestral heritage through a plant-bas​ed diet.

Email to sign up - SPACES LIMITED   Instagram: @veggiemijas 


Friday 5th June

6pm // Paris time

Online event

An open mic party, celebrating the end of the festival. If you have anything you'd like to perform, whether it's poetry, music, a ramble, a monologue, or photography to share with us, drop us an email at to get on the line-up! Zoom link will be available on the day.

Zoom link:

Meeting code: 93989879316

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