The UNITE | REBEL festival is the 2020 iteration of an annual postgraduate festival based at Reid Hall in Montparnasse, Paris. This year, the festival theme was selected by a group of humanities students with diverse interests, but all committed to exploring the tensions between unity and rebellion, to sparking debates around what these concepts mean in our daily lives, and to having a wonderful time.

Due to this year's unprecedented situation, we have adapted our initial plan and will now be holding our first ever digital festival. Now, more than ever, these questions around unity and rebellion need to stay in the global conversation. The changes, the disasters, and the little victories we're seeing across the globe must be framed in a context that addresses how we can unite to support each other, and how we can rebel against the forces that led us here. 

Just like everyone else, we too have had to change course, to slow down, adapt, and rearrange. In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, there is an eagerness to return to normal. And yet it is obvious that ‘normal’ was not sufficient in the first place. How did we get here? What wasn’t working? How do we move forward? We invite you to unite in our rebellion and consider these ideas of hope.

We can't wait to see what this year's festival brings. 


The UNITE | REBEL team 


P.S. We have a history of incredibly vibrant and successful festivals behind us. Check them out here:

Dangerous Ideas Festival, 2019

Revolutions Festival, 2018

Boundaries: A Postgraduate Festival, 2017

Motion Festival, 2016

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